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Our Covid-19 Strategy

We are committed to keeping our clients, walkers, and four-legged friends safe, and this applies now more than ever. In the interest of accountability, we want to share the steps we have been taking in the wake of the global pandemic.

Isolating when sick

  • Any team members with signs of illness will be required to stay home. If this causes an unanticipated change to your booking, we will contact you directly and ask for your understanding and cooperation in finding an alternative arrangement.

  • Clients feeling unwell are asked to let us know immediately. We will waive cancellation charges if you feel sick and need to isolate.

Low-contact or no-contact handoffs

If you are home, we can coordinate via text so you can harness your dog and put him/her in the backyard, porch, gated area, or foyer. You can also bring the dog out on your own 6 foot leash.

We will use our own leash to clip and head out!

If you are not home, we ask that all walking gear be placed by the door so we can be in and out of your home as efficiently as possible.


Walkers will wash hands or use a minimum 60% alcohol sanitizer before and after each walk. They also carry cleaner to disinfect doorknobs, keys, phones, bike handles, and steering wheels to minimize risk of any cross-contamination.

Out and About

We provide private pet care services, so your pet will never be in the company of animals outside his/her household. We do not meet with other dogs while out on leash, and do not take your dog to dog parks or off-leash areas without your explicit written permission.

Under normal circumstances we avoid “saying hello” to strangers on the street, but during this time we will be extra diligent that no one interacts with or touches your dog.

We specialize in managing reactive behaviour, so we are pros at maintaining a “bubble” of space while we walk! Although we can’t account for the behaviour of others, we will follow the 6-foot rule diligently and always opt to walk in quieter areas.


If you hire us to provide pet care in your home, we will:

  • Coordinate our departure/arrival times so there is a gap of several hours in-between.

  • Ask you to disinfect frequently used surfaces on your way out, and provide cleaner/wipes so we may do the same when we arrive and leave.

  • Offer to wear a mask/gloves during drop-in visits. We can also keep the visits short if you wish to minimize the time we are in your home.


We offer a variety of private training options to suit your situation and comfort level.

  • Video-conferencing (this works great for topics like puppy basics or separation anxiety).

  • Socially distanced training in your backyard or park, where Shelley can provide in-person coaching at a safe distance.

  • If you are more comfortable, or we need to address a behaviour concern in your home, Shelley can wear a mask and gloves during the training session.

Our drop-in program, East Van Training Club, is on hiatus, as sports fields are not open for organized group activities as per the City of Vancouver.

These guidelines follow all recommendations set forth by our Provincial Health Office. If there are any additional measures we can take to give you peace of mind during this time, please get in touch!

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