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In addition to her exceptional pet care skills, co-owner Shelley is a certified trainer. She has a proven track record working with a variety of behaviour issues, using science-based, positive reinforcement methods. Her priority is to understand your dog's needs as well as your needs and lifestyle. Working together, she'll make sure that you are on your way to meeting the training goals that are right for you - having fun and bonding with your dog along the way.

She can help with basic and foundation behaviours, walking manners, reactivity, separation anxiety and many other common training needs.


Have a puppy or rescue? Shelley can provide a "New or New-to-You" session to go over some basics to get you off to a great start. She'll help you with all of those questions about ownership, leash handling, routine, potty training (or re-training), manners, enrichment, or house rules.

Shelley is based in Vancouver but may be able to travel to surrounding areas for a travel fee.


Do you come home to neighbour complaints about barking and howling? Has Fido been scratching or chewing things in your absence? Separation anxiety can be devastating for both dogs and their guardians - stressed dogs can even injure themselves physically in their panic. Owners lament their dog's suffering as well as property damage, upset neighbours, and some have even faced eviction.

If you and your pup are struggling with separation anxiety, please complete our Client Questionnaire and Shelley will be happy to assess your case and see if we can assist you.

East Van Training Club

Every second Sunday, Bronte Pet Services provides drop-in training by donation in East Vancouver. We focus on leash reactivity but are happy to chat about other concerns you may have or what training options might work best. To check out our drop-in training program, join our Facebook group or email us to learn about upcoming dates.

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