Bronte Pet Services was founded in 2012 and is currently operated by April Fahr and Shelley MacEachern. Both are passionate about animal welfare, and have years of experience working and volunteering with dogs.


Shelley has always been drawn to animals, sharing her life with dogs and cats through her childhood, as well as horses, bunnies, chickens, guinea pigs, rats, and even raccoons and a squirrel.

In Summer 2016 she said goodbye to Nikita, her mixed breed, rescued "heart dog", after over 12 years and many adventures together. She also shares her home with Mika, a cat with personality to spare.

Even while working an office job years ago, Shelley had a passion for improving her dog behaviour knowledge and handling skills. She completed dog training at the International Academy of Canine Trainers and volunteered with local shelters and rescues to hone her skills. She ultimately decided to pursue her passion full-time and joined Bronte Pet Services in 2013, becoming our head walker in 2014 and a business partner in 2016. In 2017 she became a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer through Malena DeMartini. She specializes in reactive behaviour and separation anxiety.

Shelley is a strong advocate of positive reinforcement dog training and believes that forging a trusting bond with your pet, like all relationships, takes effort. But it is so worth it!


April worked with HugABull Advocacy and Rescue Society to foster and then adopt Chica, a bully breed dog. While smart and loving, Chica had leash frustration and would make a fuss when seeing other dogs. In their first year together, April and Chica took Reactive Dog classes and went from students to demo duo.

April and Chica have completed multiple levels of obedience, Rally-O, and clicker training classes. Chica has her Canine Good Neighbour certification and won second place in a pet talent contest.

April, her husband, and Josh have taken in several foster dogs over the years. Notch was a mastiff mix sweetheart who was supposed to be a six-month "Compassion Care" foster due to his health challenges, but lived for three years. Angus was around for nine months and was a cooperative "demo dog" for our drop-in training program. 

April was a HugABull volunteer and Board member for a decade, is a founder of Wild West Animal League, and volunteers with Justice for Bullies as an advocate for effective, breed-neutral dog legislation in our communities.

Our Team

All of our sitters are highly qualified and receive extensive, ongoing training. All have a background working with animals, with many of our team members having experience in veterinary, shelter, kennel, or other environments where they handle a variety of breeds and behaviour issues. Staffers receive additional education in positive reinforcement training methods with a focus on leash reactivity and other common behaviour challenges. We require background screening and criminal record checks as well as pet first aid certification. Clients will always have the opportunity to meet the person handling their pet so they can see for themselves that their loved one is in great hands.

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