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Group Walk & Train

Have you mastered  your reactive dog basics – and now feel ready for the next step? Our Group Walk and Train Program is created for intermediate and advanced reactivity training. 

In small, supported groups, you will practice skills like passing other dogs, parallel walking, and encountering real-life scenarios in different neighbourhoods. This is not about *greeting* other dogs but finding new and creative ways to work around them and build on your counter-conditioning efforts.

To participate


  • You must have foundation skills in working with leash reactivity, using positive reinforcement methods. If you have not worked with us before, or if you are not sure your dog is ready, contact us before registering so we can determine that you will be well-matched to the group.

  • Your dog has a reasonable threshold to work around other dogs (at least across the street). We can tailor the setup for each dog’s tolerance, but we are working in local neighbourhoods, where real life happens. If you are not ready, we recommend contacting us for private training and registering for the East Van Training Club.

  • No aversive methods, corrections, prong/shock/choke collars, etc., are to be used. We require safe, sturdy, humane equipment for participation - ideally a well-fitted body harness. 

Registration fee is $25 which includes GST. E-transfer, PayPal, cash, or cheque is accepted.

Session dates are posted on our Facebook page and the East Van Training Club group. For any questions or to register, email

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