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Pet-Sitting Cancellation Policy

Effective May 1, 2023, we are introducing a new cancellation policy for overnight pet-sitting bookings.


We offer private pet-sitting and we pride ourselves on our reliability! When we confirm a date with you, we hold that date for you, which means that our sitters modify their own personal life/plans to honour their commitment.

There is a lot of demand for reliable, private pet-sitting and when we confirm a date for one client, that means we are turning away others. By ensuring that bookings are as firm as possible we not only allow our sitters to plan their lives and count on income, we can help as many people as possible.



When you book, you can decide whether you want to “hold” a date or “book” a date.

You can hold a date for no charge if no one else requests it. If there is another request or we need to make a final decision, we will notify you and give you 48 hours to confirm or release this date.

If you book a date, that is considered a firm commitment. Any cancellation or significant rescheduling after this point (i.e., more than a day or two to account for travel logistics) will incur a $75 administration fee.

For peak periods listed below, we require 60 days notice for cancellation. 

  • Spring Break

  • Summer break (mid-June to early September)

  • Winter break (last two weeks of December + first week of January)

For other periods, we require 30 days notice to cancel. If you cancel before these deadlines, only the administration fee will apply. 

If you cancel after these deadlines, penalties may range from 50-100% of the original booking amount depending on the amount of notice and our ability to find another client for that time frame.

For serial cancellations, penalties will increase and we reserve the right to refuse future bookings.



We understand that trips may be cancelled because of illness or emergency, and we do not wish to add to distress if you are in a tough spot and are otherwise a reliable client! Please contact us to discuss individual circumstances.

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