Dog walks

60-minute walk = $40

45-minute walk = $32.50

30 minute walk = $25

Other time intervals and daytime stays may be available subject to availability - please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Cat visits

Daily visit (minimum 45 minutes) = $30

Twice-daily visits = $55

Overnight stays

$80/night for one animal
$70/night for current walking clients


$10/night for each additional dog

$5/night for each additional cat

Mid-day breaks may be added for an additional cost, subject to availability and location. Please contact us for a quote.


Initial consultation (includes assessment, discussion and follow-up report, typically 60-90 minutes) = $120

Private session (following initial consultation, 60 minutes) = $85

Walk and train (following initial consultation) = $60/60 minutes

Package rates

Consultation + 1 private session = $200

Consultation + 2 private sessions = $280

Walk and train package (consultation, four "real world" training walks one-on-one with your dog, handover session back to you) = $345

Separation anxiety packages are also available. Please contact us for a quote.

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Discounts may apply for multiple bookings or longer term stays.

Additional fees may apply for holiday bookings or special requests.
Contact us with any questions or to obtain a quote.